Customer Engagement

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Deliver an exceptional customer experience by enabling real-time engagement and providing instant service. Our solutions empower customers to connect with you conveniently and receive prompt assistance, fostering stronger relationships and enhanced satisfaction.

Empowered Self-Service: Conveniently log service requests through our intuitive customer self-service portal.

Simplified Product Registration: Seamlessly register products and maintain accurate records.

Effortless Contact Management: Add, manage, and update contact information for streamlined communication.

Real-Time Status Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on service request status and progress.

Valuable Customer Feedback: Share your feedback and participate in CSAT surveys to help us improve our services.



Minimize Customer Wait Times and Elevate Service Excellence

Streamline your service operations to significantly reduce customer wait times, fostering a positive and satisfying customer experience. By optimizing resource allocation, leveraging intelligent scheduling algorithms, and minimizing manual processes, you can ensure that customers receive prompt and efficient service.

Deflect Customer Calls for Enhanced Efficiency

Proactively address customer concerns before they escalate into call center inquiries. Utilize self-service portals, knowledge bases, and proactive communication channels to empower customers to resolve issues independently, reducing call center volume and enhancing overall efficiency.

Intelligent Technician Allocation for Optimal Resolution

Match the right technician to each service call, ensuring that the most qualified and experienced individual is assigned to address the customer’s issue. This intelligent allocation approach minimizes rework, maximizes first-time fix rates, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Transparent Workflow for Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide customers with real-time visibility into the progress of their service requests. Transparent communication and timely updates foster trust, manage expectations, and contribute to a positive customer experience.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy

By reducing wait times, minimizing call center interactions, and providing exceptional service, you can significantly elevate customer satisfaction scores and promote brand loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to become advocates for your brand, generating positive word-of-mouth and attracting new business opportunities.


Real-time access to essential information, enabling field resources to make informed decisions, prioritise tasks effectively, and complete work orders accurately and efficiently. This enhanced situational awareness minimises time spent on administrative tasks, maximising productivity and propelling field resource performance to new heights.

  • Optimized work order list
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Raise customer service requests
  • Sales order management

and Optimization

Harness the power of AI-driven scheduling and optimisation to ensure that the most qualified technician is dispatched for each service call, minimising costs and maximising efficiency. Our intelligent algorithm seamlessly balances capacity, resource management, budget constraints, commitments, and distance to select the optimal resources.

  • Customer records & contracts
  • TRack install base
  • Raise customer service requests
  • 360 customer view

Inventory and Stock Management

Effectively manage parts, equipment, and materials with our lightweight yet robust inventory management solution, seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive Field Service Management (FSM) platform. Gain the real-time visibility you need to optimize stock levels, minimize downtime, and ensure seamless service delivery.

  • Create and configure Product, Model and Parts
  • Manage and define pricing rules
  • Manage Product installation, Repair
  • Define Warranty and Extended Warranty rules