Scheduling and Optimization

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Our AI-driven scheduling and optimisation algorithm seamlessly matches the most qualified technician to each service call, ensuring efficient resource allocation and minimised costs. By intelligently weighing factors such as capacity, resource management, budget constraints, commitments, service level agreements (SLAs), travel distances, and historical performance data, our algorithm selects the optimal resource for each task, maximising productivity and minimising overhead.

Maximize Technician Utilization: Empower field technicians with optimized scheduling and dispatching to enhance productivity and utilization rates.

Reduce Field Service Costs: Minimize field service operations costs by reducing dispatchers, call center calls, and rework through improved first-time fix rates.

Enhance Customer Retention: Foster customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering exceptional service that reduces churn and promotes long-term relationships.

Real-Time Optimization with Business Constraints: Continuously optimize operations in real time, considering business constraints and evolving customer needs.

On-Demand Request Overrides: Maintain control and flexibility with override capabilities for on-demand requests and special situations.

Live Status Updates and Alerts: Gain real-time visibility into technician activities, progress, and potential issues through live status updates and timely alerts.


Minimising Human Intervention for Streamlined Operations

Our AI-powered scheduling solution streamlines operations by automating the resource allocation process, minimising the need for human intervention. Only exceptional cases that require additional consideration or expertise are routed to the back-office for review and decision-making. This automation frees up valuable back-office resources, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and complex customer issues.

Exceeding Customer Expectations for Service Delivery

Our AI-driven scheduling solution consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations for timely and efficient service delivery. By optimising resource utilization and minimising travel time, we ensure that technicians arrive promptly, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to resolve customer issues effectively. This commitment to efficiency and responsiveness fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our AI-powered scheduling and optimization solution empowers you to:

Match the right technician to the right job for optimal results

Reduce travel time and associated costs

Enhance resource utilisation and productivity

Deliver exceptional customer service with timely and efficient task completion

Minimize back-office involvement and maximize resource efficiency

Embrace AI-Powered Scheduling for Service Excellence

Elevate your service management operations to new heights of efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our AI-powered scheduling and optimization solution. Experience the transformative power of AI and empower your organization to deliver exceptional customer service while minimising expenses.

Mobility Solution

Real-time access to essential information, enabling field resources to make informed decisions, prioritise tasks effectively, and complete work orders accurately and efficiently. This enhanced situational awareness minimises time spent on administrative tasks, maximising productivity and propelling field resource performance to new heights.

  • Optimized work order list
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Raise customer service requests
  • Sales order management

and Optimization

Harness the power of AI-driven scheduling and optimisation to ensure that the most qualified technician is dispatched for each service call, minimising costs and maximising efficiency. Our intelligent algorithm seamlessly balances capacity, resource management, budget constraints, commitments, and distance to select the optimal resources.

  • Customer records & contracts
  • Track install base
  • Raise customer service requests
  • 360 customer view

Inventory and Stock Management

Effectively manage parts, equipment, and materials with our lightweight yet robust inventory management solution, seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive Field Service Management (FSM) platform. Gain the real-time visibility you need to optimize stock levels, minimize downtime, and ensure seamless service delivery.

  • Create and configure Product, Model and Parts
  • Manage and define pricing rules
  • Manage Product installation, Repair
  • Define Warranty and Extended Warranty rules